Neobanking: Is It the Future of Banking as We Know It?

Recent shifts in banking trends and innovations have redefined the landscape for the financial sector, and no new development has been more impactful than that of the neobank.

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Document Verification: Why Automation Is the Future of Mortgage Underwriting Software

The mortgage industry continues to grow as more and more Canadians are looking to purchase homes. But despite this rapid growth, the mortgage industry is still lagging and is slow to adopt new technologies like automated underwriting software.

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Why AI Is the Disruptive Technology the Mortgage Industry So Badly Need

The mortgage industry is slow to adapt. We’ve been relying on the same outdated processes and systems for years.

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What Are Smart Contracts and Why Do They Matter?

In today’s digital age, smart contracts guarantee a new way of doing business. Maintaining compliance, data accuracy, and legitimacy is essential in almost every major industry.

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Let’s Talk About the 5 C’s of Credit and How FundMore Approaches Them

One essential system that lenders rely on is the five C’s of credit. This system plays an important role when it comes to qualifying loans.

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Why AI Is the Next Big Thing in Lending

Big changes are on the horizon for the lending industry. While many may fear artificial intelligence (AI), this exciting technology is already changing the way we approach traditional lending.

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