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FundMore DM document collection and management is for businesses that need to collect, verify and securely store multiple documents from their clients.

Our Product Features

Automated naming, filing and indexing

Automated Naming, Filing and Indexing

Never worry about naming, filing and indexing the documents you receive. FundMore DM automates the entire process.

Document Storage

Document Storage

Store documents for any length of time with customized data purging schedules.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Automated notifications and follow-ups to customers reminding them of any missing documents using SMS and email.

Integration with eSignature Platforms

Integration with eSignature Platforms

Easy integrations with third-party electronic signature providers for most efficient functionality.

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

Drastically decrease the administrative overheads of having to manually manage documents.

Protect Personal data

Protect Personal Data

Top level SSL certificate, IP blocking, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, SOC2 compliant and more.


Increased Productivity

We can eliminate as much as 90% percent of the time it takes to file, search for or retrieve documents.


Lower Costs

Save more than 25% savings of administration and manual processing costs with our automated document collection and workflows.


Better Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience with loan servicing software that’s designed to expedite your approval times while reducing risk. Our platform can get your customers approved in as little as minutes.


Our Product is Used By

bank Financial Services
accounting Accounting
lender Lenders
broker Brokers
insurance Insurance
real-estate Real Estate
legal Legal
education Education
health Health Care
car Dealerships
hr HR
construction Construction
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How Much Could You Save?

How many hours does it take to collect and process information from your customers?

*Hint - On average, mortgage application takes 8 hours. Question 1 out of 3

How many transactions does your business process per week?

Question 2 out of 3

Tell us the average hourly cost of your admin staff.

Question 3 out of 3

Your Result

Average savings from current FundMore DM customers is 75% of their total time.
With FundMore DM you could save approximately:


*Individual results may vary.

Enterprise Solution

Quick & Efficient Discovery

Fundmore DM provides users with multiple ways to search and retrieve documents and data with integration partners.

Increased Productivity

We can eliminate as much as 90% of the time it takes to file, search for, or retrieve documents.

Improved Collaboration

With all documents converted to digital formats, clients, colleagues and third-party providers can collate all necessary information in a single repository and share those files on a global scale.

Stay Secure and Compliant

We’re compliant so that you can operate with ease and comfort, knowing we’ve achieved all the required certifications.

More than 60,000 happy users.

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I tried FundMore DM, because I was thinking about hiring an assistant because my business was growing. FundMore helped me by reducing my admin hours, it was great to have all my documents collected automatically from my clients. The results were amazing!
One thing I really liked was how easy it was for my clients to use the FundMore. The experience was truly unexpected because I have used a few other document management systems before, and they were all too difficult to use. I would recommend FundMore DM to anyone that was thinking about hiring an assistant to grow their business. Try FundMore first you may find that you will save the cost and still increase your business, like I did!

– Phil T., Ottawa, ON

FundMore is extremely user friendly, and my clients love it! For an old school broker like myself, I found it extremely easy to use. It makes my life easier, being more efficient and organized with FundMore. Lots of great options to help close my files faster and get on to the next one

-Jason U., Newmarket, ON

FundMore DM is responsible for increasing the amount of funded mortgages I closed this quarter.

– John - John J., Omaha, NE

I love FundMore DM, because it's so easy to use.

- Nancy J., Chicago, IL

When I first heard about FundMore DM, I thought it sounded super-convenient. I worried about whether my clients would use it. I didn't want to spend time learning an investing in a document management system that would be too difficult for my clients to use. Fortunately, I tried FundMore DM and I loved the results. I was shock how easy it was to upload documents. My clients love it and maybe more importantly my assistant loves it! It automatically sends notices to my clients and all the documents are organized and classified in one place. I feel so relieved since I discovered FundMore DM

– Ghaith K. GTA, ON
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