Open Position

Intermediate / Senior Data Scientist

Job Role:

At Fundmore we are sure there is a better way for people to buy their dream home. We believe that the process of borrowing and lending money is quite outdated and is a source of frustration for all the parties involved. This is why we want to change it for good.

Through technology, deep learning, automation and data science, we can build a bias-free, faster and cheaper loan adjudication platform that also removes the hustles.

As an intermediate or senior data scientist, you will be responsible for compiling actionable insights from data and assisting program, sales and marketing managers build data-driven processes. Your role will involve driving initiatives to optimize for operational excellence and revenue.


  • Ensure that data flows smoothly from source to destination so that it can be processed
  • Utilize strong database skills to work with large, complex data sets to extract insights
  • Filter and cleanse unstructured (or ambiguous) data into usable data sets that can be analyzed to extract insights and improve business processes
  • Identify new internal and external data sources to support analytics initiatives and work with appropriate partners to absorb the data into new or existing data infrastructure
  • Build tools for automating repetitive asks so that bandwidth can be freed for analytics
  • Collaborate with program managers and business analysts to help them come up with actionable, high-impact insights across product lines and functions
  • Work closely with top management to prioritize information and analytic needs


  • Bachelors or Masters in a quantitative field (such as Engineering, Statistics, Math, Economics, or Computer Science with Modeling/Data Science), with mandatory work experience of over 5 years.
  • 2+ years of experience with classifying and extracting information from Documents
  • Ability to program in any high level language is required. Familiarity with Python, R and statistical packages are preferred.
  • Proven problem solving and debugging skills.
  • Familiar with database technologies and tools (SQL/R/SAS/JMP etc.), data warehousing, transformation and processing. Work experience with real data for customer insights, business and market analysis will be advantageous.
  • Experience with text analytics, data mining and social media analytics.
  • Statistical knowledge in standard techniques: Logistic Regression, Classification models, Cluster Analysis, Neural Networks, Random Forests, Ensembles, etc.
  • Prior experience with AWS, Azure, or GCP will be a plus.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.

Technical stacks you will have the chance to work with:

  • Nodejs, Express
  • PostgreSQL
  • Angular, Storybook
  • Serverless (Lambdas)
  • AWS (SQS, SNS, RDS, Comprehend, Textract, S3)
  • Keras, Tensorflow
  • GitHub, Asana

What you’ll do:

  • You will work with our experience team to develop, test and optimize Fundmores’ core platform and develop the new Fundmore IQ document processing module
  • You will work on features vertically, from front-end (HTML/CSS/JS/Angular) to the back-end (Nodejs/Express) and to the infrastructure (Serverless Framework/AWS/CloudFormation)
  • You will write unit tests and keep a high standard of code quality
  • Responsible to optimizing existing systems and come up with new and innovative ideas
  • Will be required to work within a collaborative, cross functional environment with designers developers, and business stakeholders

The things you'll get:

  • Learn and experiment with latest technologies
  • Experience of what it means to be in a startup
  • Opportunity to make a difference in the product as we release newer versions and launch it to more clients
  • Work in a growing company
  • Work within a dedicated and fun team
  • Ability to work from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible hours

Ready to apply? Send your resume to [email protected]