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Redefine the Way You Approach Pre-Funding

Your company spends a lot of time underwriting loans — and these files don’t always pan out. That’s many wasted hours that you could save with an automated system.

FundMore.ai helps you eliminate outdated spreadsheets, reduce your reliance on individual talent, and create an optimized underwriting process that is scalable and risk-sensitive.

  • Automated approval recommendations
  • Customizable predictive modelling
  • Pattern recognition
  • Simplified action requirements
  • Quick assessment of risk and viability of an account

  • Fully customizable dashboard based on your internal policies
  • Features key metrics and analytics
  • Ability to modify FundMore.ai to evaluate collateral, credit, character, capital, and capacity

  • Up-to-date with real-time reporting based on efficiencies, applications, and funded files
  • Manipulates your dashboard to review the information that’s important to your business

Why Choose FundMore.ai?

borrower experience

Better Borrower Experience

Expedite and deliver a fully-transparent and automated underwriting process that’s ideal for both lenders and borrowers.

risk decisions

Reduced Risk

Improve your company’s risk management using predictive modelling and pattern recognition to assess risk and provide real-time reasoning.

cycle times


Reduce funding times and application evaluation by more than 90% without increasing your risk.


Higher ROI

An efficient loan underwriting process lets your business assess and fund more files, boosting your profits, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing your expenses.

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Personalize Your Pre-Funding Process


Your company has its own approach to the mortgage underwriting process. FundMore.ai offers a modular experience that you can customize based on your needs.

Every component has flexible settings that you can manipulate, panels are removable, and the entire platform is built with personalization in mind.


Never miss an important document again. FundMore.ai simplifies document collection using automated tools to help you capture and process documents into a secure platform.

Documents are easily accessible by underwriters, and clients can quickly submit documents. Our platform can reduce the cost of collection, processing, and verification by up to 90%.


FundMore.ai works as an extension of your current systems and is designed to automate time-consuming processes.

Let our platform manage all of your pre-funding requirements. Using our intuitive APIs, we can integrate with the leading third-party post-funding systems.

Reduce Your Risk And Start Funding More Files Today.

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