Frequently Asked Questions

    FundMore.ai was created to service lenders that don’t have access to the proprietary software that large institutions rely on. Our platform leverages AI to help you reduce risk and expedite the lending process.

    FundMore.ai lets your organization assess more data in less time, helping you identify viable mortgages that carry less risk and have a greater opportunity for profit. This enhanced efficiency will save your company time, money, and reduce human error by automating manual processes.

    FundMore.ai provides your business with an automated underwriting system that capitalizes on AI and machine learning to provide a lending decision. We leverage pattern recognition and logic-based decision making to grade mortgages based on a scoring system.
    Your organization can input your specific lending criteria, and FundMore.ai will analyze an entire file in seconds based on that criteria.
    The FundMore score is based on three factors:

    ● The analysis of previous lending decisions at your company and how those borrowers performed.

    ● The lending criteria for a specific lender.

    ● How applicants perform across all the data in our system This system will provide your organization with a complete analysis and a reliable risk assessment system.

    FundMore.ai’s goal is to provide technological solutions that simplify the pre-funding process. Many mortgage brokers and smaller lenders waste a lot of resources during the underwriting process.

    We believe our automated underwriting system has the potential to save companies as much as 90% on their underwriting costs. Our software will reduce the cost of collection, processing, and verification because it automates manual tasks.

    Yes. FundMore.ai is fully-integratible with your existing solutions.

    Our loan servicing software is API-compatible, making it easy for you to integrate with your post-funding systems.

    FundMore.ai reduces the amount of time you waste building mortgage files by streamlining the document collection process. Our automated underwriting system will collect and store all relevant documents for a mortgage in the Cloud.

    These documents are easily accessed by your underwriters, brokers and clients, expediting tasks like signature collection, identify verification, and other essential compliance steps.

    Yes. FundMore.ai offers your organization a full-service automated underwriting system that’s easy to learn, modify, and designed to improve your operational efficiency.

    Our platform will improve your employee engagement, productivity, and make it easier for you to train new and existing employees as you grow.

    The average mortgage can take weeks or months to finalize. The process is slow and can leave your clients feeling dissatisfied with the service they receive.

    FundMore.ai reduces the amount of time it takes you to create a fully-committed mortgage. Everything from document collection to the final approval is quick and easy with our platform.

    Our platform allows your organization to complete the risk assessment process quickly and efficiently, leaving the onus on your customers to complete essential steps like providing documents and other relevant details.

    Security is extremely important to all of us at FundMore.ai we have multiple levels of security to protect your information, including top level SSL certificate, IP blocking, data encryption, multi-factor authentication and others.

    All of the data is encrypted and sent via a secure portal and never by through third party services or email.

    FundMore.ai uses gamification to enhance the user experience and to simplify onboarding new users. Our algorithm relies on data to learn, recognize patterns, and provide accurate risk analysis.

    We incentivize our users to complete their mortgage files through a badging system, leaderboards, and by offering monthly rewards for our most active users.

    Your organization relies on an accurate underwriting system, and our platform strives to provide that through every step of the process.

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