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Best AI-Driven Automated Underwriting Software 2021:

FundMore | November 18, 2021
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The results of the Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021 have been determined and on behalf of Corporate Vision powered by AI Global Media. has been awarded the Best AI-Driven Automated Underwriting Software 2021.

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Corporate Vision has endeavoured to ensure that only the most deserving are recognised. All nominees were judged on their merits with assessment centred around an extensive evaluation of skills and services on offer.

Our merit driven approach has brought us much commendation throughout its use and allows our team to identify only the most outstanding and innovative companies within the field of Artificial Intelligence.

To move successfully from nominee to awardee there must be evidence of expertise within a given field/specialism, dedication to customer service and an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

About automates underwriting processes through machine learning to streamline the Pre-Funding process for loans. The goal and mission of the dynamic team of fintech innovators at is to create a platform that lets the lenders provide a seamless mortgage lending experience that is personalized for both lenders and borrowers.

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